Is green tea good for acne?

Is green tea good for acne?

A lot of people who are pro nature want to know the answer to the question’ is green tea good for acne?’ and we are going to help them with the answers. In the last couple of years people have become more and more interested in green tea because it has so many positive effects on our bodies. The most important benefit discovered by green tea is its ability to treat cancer. Recently some studies have showed that this tea is very good in treating acne.

Health benefits

Tea has been present in the Chinese culture for hundreds of years. Aside from being part of a cultural ritual tea has also been used in medical purposes. The most important health benefit that green tea has is that it has a lot of antioxidants which helps us eliminate toxins from our bodies. Aside from this green tea has a high level of tannic acid which helps reduce skin inflammation and swelling, two indicators of acne. It is said that is you apply skin cream made from green tea you will have the same effect as if you were to use a medical skin cream for acne.

Treatment for acne

There is not green tea treatment available on the market but you can make one at home. A lot of people have created their own green tea treatment and they all claim that it works. The most popular one is drinking at least 4 cups of green tea per day. Make sure that you do not drink tea late in the afternoon or in the evening because you will have trouble sleeping. After a couple of weeks everyone who tried this treatment noticed an improvement on the skin. It is not a medical treatment but using green tea can help you reduce the acne on your face. If you do not like caffeine we recommend you buy a decaffeinated tea, it has the same taste but is caffeine free and you will not have trouble sleeping if you happen to drink to many cups of tea.

Now that you know the answer to the question:’ Is green tea good for acne?’ we hope that you will create your own green tea treatment to solve your skin problem. If you want more advice we suggest you go online and look for home remedies. All in all green tea comes with a lot of health benefits it all depends on you if you prefer chemicals or natural treatments.

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